For more than a century the Gesang Und Declamation Club (now know as The Maple Grove Club) has been a member of the Rockville, CT community. Deeply rooted in German / American heritage, the Club has evolved from a German social club for most of its existence to today's, more diverse, social atmosphere. For most of its history, the Club and its membership were involved in German folk singing and heritage, traveling to many clubs locally and nationally for festivals of all types. Annual events included a 4 day Germanfest featuring many area bands, singing groups, camaraderie, and, of course, food / drink. Many of today's older members remember the social events of the past as a highlight to their calendar.

GazeboMedAs time went on, an aging membership could not be replenished and the Club looked to a more contemporary membership in order to keep the tradition alive. Over time, The Maple Grove Club emerged as a more diverse group of members. The Club evolved into a Sportsman Social Club, featuring horse shoe leagues, card leagues, fish and game clubs and tournaments, pool tournaments, dart leagues, and a whole host of social events marking its annual calendar. Although today's membership and its resulting diversity strive to grow with today's times and customs, the membership remembers its beginnings with a continued tradition of an annual Germanfest each autumn. Today, the Club hosts in excess of 250 members and is widely known for its friendly atmosphere! Annual events also include Steer Roast Picnics, Pig Roast Picnics, Shore Dinners, Chicken BBQs, Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinners, Roast Beef Dinners, Game Dinners, dances and holiday events. Please see our event calendar for details and fliers.

MGDartboardsOrganized in a democratic format, The Maple Grove Club is managed by an annually elected Board of Officers, which includes President, Vice-President, Bar Chairman, 1st Financial Officer, 2nd Financial Officer, House Chairman, 2nd House Chairman and Secretary. The Board of Officers is responsible and accountable for all aspects of club management including financial, administrative and public relations. In order to maintain our permits, the club employs one, non-compensated Permmittee, who attends all meetings, and has one vote in all meetings, general or otherwise. The Permmittee and the President do not maintain any veto power. The Board of Officers meet every 4 to 6 weeks, as needs dictate. General meetings, open to all members in good standing, are held quarterly, or as needs dictate. The Club's annual meeting and election of officer occurs in July, after the close of the Club's fiscal year June 30. All officers are elected on a voluntary basis and may serve multiple terms. Any member in good standing may volunteer their name for office and need not be nominated. The Permmittee is employed "at will" and has no formal contract.