Tag Sale Fundraiser



 Empty those closets, weed out your attics and basements

The Maple Grove Club is holding a GIANT TAG SALE


Saturday September 14, 2019



$10.00 a table for members                         $25.00 for non-members


There are two ways you can help:

1. Rent a table or two, sell and profit off your unwanted, unneeded things. 


2. Donate to the Maple Groves table, where we can sell and make a profit for our club.

*** (It is recommened to stop by the club and check out the bulletin board for a list of accetable items) ***


There will be two donation drop off dates:

Saturday Sept 3rd  1:00PM-4:00PM                 Sunday September 4th  1:00PM-4:00PM


Ask any bartender for an application

Call or text Jenn with any questions 860-463-0971